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There are times in life when things have to end. It is as
simple as that. These endings can be joyful or they can be heartbreaking. No
one ever seems to care about the joyful endings. A grand opportunity, they say.
It’s the heartbreaking endings, though, that make people say “It’s not an
ending, really, but a beginning – a new chapter in your life.”

I suppose that is true, really. But it doesn’t make the
ending any better.

Think of any book you have ever read. Think of a book that
you enjoyed reading so much that you felt you had become a part of it. You
never wanted the book to end, did you? And when it did end it was bittersweet,
if not downright sad. These are the kind of endings I am talking about. Sometimes
when things end you want to fight as hard as you can to make sure that the last
page never turns.

But I’m not the one turning the pages.

I can beg and plead, but God has different plans for me. I
just have to trust that His plans have a purpose better than any I could ever
devise. Sometimes that is a really difficult thing to do, especially when I
want God to be wrong just so that I can be right. Prideful, much? I guess this
is my new beginning. I had to come to an ending so that I could begin trusting
God and learning humility. This will be a difficult lesson to learn. We’ll see
how it goes.