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I am going to break tradition and write this blog post without any real topic in mind. Therefore, it will probably consist mostly of ramblings and no real “insight,” but I have sorely neglected this blog, and I think it needs some sort of update, yes?

This week was the first real week of my summer job. This means that I now work about ten hours a day helping keep the day camp running smoothly rather than working six hours a day to get camp ready (I did that last week). It was crazy. I really have no other words for it. First of all, the first session of camp always has the most campers which also means that it will likely have the most injuries. I got to be pretty good friends with the first aid cabinet. Secondly, it’s pretty difficult to know what is expected of you when you have four or five people telling you what to do. I can work more efficiently when I know what is expected of me. Third, did I mention the ten hour workdays? Sure, getting paid hourly means that I don’t really mind, but I come home exhausted. This is not good when my dance recital is coming up soon! As a graduated student I am only in one adult class, but I still need to help as much as I can and watch my sisters. This means I have to be awake. When I was in high school, I always left the house for school before my dad left for work, but I came home before he did. Now I leave the house before my dad and come home AFTER he does. I’m not quite sure what to do with this realization, so it’s a good thing I really like this job! My bosses are great and the campers are always fun. Overwhelming, but rewarding.

However, I am really beginning to see that this job will prepare me for a career in education. I am a newbie working at a paid position in an organization dominated by volunteers (not that education is full of volunteers) who have more experience than me – as a teacher there will be times when I am expected to take a role of authority over someone who is more experienced than me (i.e., parents). The demands of the children and volunteers interfere with my preassigned duties – as a teacher, the students and circumstances will not always allow me to teach what I am required to teach. Yet, somehow, I must work through these obstacles. I will certainly be developing my strength of character this summer.

And now it is time for me to go to bed. Those of you who know me well should still know that I really hate the daily interferance of sleeping, but I do have more respect for the necessity of it.