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Well, this has been an interesting summer. So many crazy
things have happened that I don’t even want to begin discussing them right now.
However, I will recount the events of Tuesday evening for any of you who read
my sorely neglected blog. Hopefully this final debriefing will help me
thoroughly recover.

As most of you know, I am spending my summer days working as
the Activities Coordinator at a day camp I attended as a child. (I really love
this camp, by the way. It is a Camp Fire USA camp, and I have learned so many
things from Camp Fire and this camp that I am truly honored to finally be
employed there.) So, on Tuesday, I and the two camp directors were preparing
for a camp session that was to begin on Wednesday, and I left a little after
6:00 that evening. I drove my little Ford Escort, fondly known as Birdie, out
of camp and down the road toward the highway. A few moments down the road I reached down to scratch my leg (lame, right?) and felt my front passenger wheel
go off the edge of the road. I panicked (because I am good at that) and yanked
the wheel to the left. If I had calmed down right then I would have been fine,
but I had overcorrected into the other lane. There wasn’t anyone coming either
direction, but I was still scared, so I yanked the wheel to the right. That
time I really did go off the road. I bumped around for a few moments and then
ran into a tree. I was so blinded by panic that I couldn’t even see the tree,
so I really didn’t know what had happened until I got out of the car. Later, when
my dad asked me what happened, I told him that before I hit the tree it felt
like I was floating (like Alice falling down the rabbit hole, bumbling around
and such). When the car stopped I felt rather fluffy and fuzzy for a moment
until my brain caught up with my body and I could hear a roaring in my ears and
feel a burning pain in my left shoulder. My life did not flash before my eyes,
fortunately. After those few moments that I really do not understand or
remember, I remember just about everything (which really is odd for me). I won’t
go into detail because it gets boring, but I did manage to get out of the car
with no broken bones. After calling my mother, inspecting the damage, and
removing some of my belongings I walked back to camp. Luckily (I suppose?), I
had crashed right outside one of the camp entrances, so I didn’t have very far
to go back to the office. I gave the directors a good surprise when I walked in
quite dazed and a little too giggly given the circumstances.

So, after my adventures, I now have a sprained shoulder,
countless bruises (they are either very impressive or thoroughly disgusting,
depending on your point of view), and no car. That’s right, my little Birdie
was totaled. The windshield was smashed, front wheels pulled in different
directions, the passenger side was completely smashed in (if I had had anyone
riding with me, we would have needed an ambulance) with that window entirely gone,
and of course both air bags deployed. If we had tried really hard, everything
could have been repaired, but it would have cost two or three times what the
car itself cost. Therefore, I am currently on the lookout for a new car. Craigslist.com,
here I come! “Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at
work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or think. Glory
to him in the church and in Christ Jesus through all generations forever and
ever! Amen,” Ephesians 3:20-21 (NLT).

Now, do you remember when I mentioned that I was “blinded by
panic?” Well, I certainly was (blinded, I mean), and I have learned (the hard
way, obviously) that panic can blind us in all sorts of situations. Fear and
panic inhibits rational thinking and prevents us from making good choices.
Furthermore, panic occurs when we feel out of control. Then, rather than
letting God take control, we fight to regain control. This is a blatant
mistrust of God’s plan and power. Read Ephesians 3:20 again. See that part
about His power? His mighty power! Working in us! Now read verse 21 again.
Glory to God! My panic caused an accident, but God’s mighty power can fix that
accident. This is truly wonderful! But I still wish it hadn’t taken a tree to
teach me that.

Have you ever been blinded by panic? How did you find God’s power working in you and the situation?