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Good afternoon, my dear readers. I do not know if you have ever noticed while reading my various writings, but it is true that I am not generally prone to excessive use of punctuation and capitalization, particularly of the exclamatory style. I think it is unnecessary and looks unprofessional. Then again, I have never been unnecessarily and unprofessionally excited on this blog. But, I do not think that I will cause any damage by being unnecessarily and unprofessionally excited just this once. I do have a good reason. Would you like to hear about it? I will tell you anyways.


(Whew! Thanks for letting me do that.)

It’s true! I am now a member of the Alpha Chi Honor Society! Just last night, I found the email telling me that I had been accepted, and just a few hours ago, I registered and paid my dues to become a member. There will be an induction ceremony later this semester when I will be officially inducted (I suppose), but otherwise, I’m in! This means that I will be a lifelong member of the honor society, and I will receive an additional seal on my diploma, and I will have my name put on the plaque containing all the names of previous Alpha Chi members from my school. In my mind, the best part of this honor is the very fact that I was chosen to be admitted. Certainly, my grades were the primary deciding factor, but even that makes this honor society
different from my National Honor Society membership in junior high and high school. Those memberships were solely dependent on my community service hours, and even if we did not make all of our hours, we were admitted. In high school, honor society just had to be something you tried to earn. Our teachers told us that it was something very important to our futures, but we all knew that it was just a piece of paper at the end of the year. (When we graduated, we did not even get to wear the really cool NHS
stoles that every other high school in the nation wears.) Alpha Chi, on the other hand, is not something that I could simply have earned if I wanted it. I had to work hard. I kept my grades up, and I learned all that I could. And it means even more because the courses I have been studying the past two years are going to determine the future of my career, my life goals, if you will. So far, I have proven myself worthy enough to continue. Now all I have to do is pass that OGET, and I will be on my way!