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God does not exist in time. For that reason, He has the ability to utilize all time. He chooses to give each and every one of us some of His time. He expects us to use it wisely. This reminds me of the Parable of the Three Servants (NLT), or the Parable of the Talents (NKJV), in Matthew 25:14-30. This parable tells the story of three servants who are each given a portion of their master’s money while he is away. Two of the servants invest their money and double it by the time the master returns. However, one servant has simply hidden the money with which he was entrusted. He was afraid to lose it and upset the master, but his master was even more upset that the servant had not even tried to do anything. In verses 29 and 30, Jesus says that those who do nothing will lose everything, and they will be separated from God.

God has given us time, some more than others, but that time has been given to us in order that we may serve God and love Him. We are called to grow closer to Him and trust Him more every day. We can only gain more by using our time for Him, but we can lose everything by wasting time and doing nothing for Him.