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It’s official! (Actually, it was official almost two weeks, but we all know that I should never be responsible for The Breaking News Report.) I have finished my education practicums!

I wrote about my first practicum, but I never described anything after that, so I’ll give you a bit of background. I, along with four other girls in my class, had to take six methods and practicum courses. This meant that for two weeks I would go to class and learn how to teach a subject, then for the next two weeks I would be assigned to an elementary/middle school classroom where I was expected to teach that subject. Needless to say, it was a whole year of switching back and forth.

What I Learned and What I Taught:

  • Primary Math Methods – 2nd grade Math Practicum
  • Intermediate Math Methods – 6th grade Math Practicum
  • Social Studies Methods – 6th grade Social Studies Practicum
  • Science Methods – 6th grade Science Practicum
  • Primary Literacy Methods – 3rd grade Literacy (Guided Reading) Practicum
  • Intermediate Literacy Methods – 5th grade Literacy (Writing) Practicum

You might be able to guess that I am a little tired of 6th grade. However, I did learn throughout all of this that I think I would prefer teaching older students. I have always worked with very young children, but I know now that I am more adept at teaching older students. I find it much easier to use a student’s background knowledge to build new knowledge than to lay the foundation for future learning.

Anyway, the most exciting thing is that I am finished! In a few weeks (or more, who knows) I should have my student teaching assignment, and in August I will have my own classroom (sort of). I am most relieved that I will only need to meet about 25 students next year, rather than the 200 or so I met this year. I will be able to create my own classroom and jump right into the school year with these students. I’ll have the guidance and assistance of the classroom teacher, but I will be expected to take full reign of the daily instruction and discipline. Just think – I can create my own routines! I am truly thankful for the experiences I had during the practicums, but I am not going to miss the ever-changing schedule. Please pray for me as I venture further into the great frontier of education!